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Dolemite Records

Donald Randell,Dolemite and Warren G

Donald Randell,Dolemite and Busta

Dolemite,Jimmy,Snoop and Donald Randell

Dolemite,Donald Randell,Warren G and Snoop

Dolemite,Snoop Dogg and Donald Randell

Donald Randell,Bishop,Dolemite,Snoop,Jimmy Lynch

The SoundTrack Coming Soon for Sale! for the First Time Ever!

Produced and Directed BY:Donald H.Randell

Rudy Ray Moore Documentary Movie Is Coming Soon!

feel the music & Comedy

Rudy Ray Moore IS Dolemite,The Goods are Coming Soon!

  • Shine and the Great Titanic5:59
  • Petey Wheatstraw7:26
  • Bitches N' Beans0:53
  • 3 Boyfriends1:21
  • Pimpin' Sam5:52
  • Dolemite9:18
  • 06 - Sell It3:26
  • Not Too Long, Not Too Hard3:16
  • 07 - Will The Real Dick Rise4:21
  • St. Peter3:42
  • Press Conference [-]0:48
  • The First Mistress [-]3:50
  • My Cabinet, Questions, Balance the Budget [-]6:28
  • Petey Wheatstraw [Vocal Version]3:16
  • 02 - Eat Where You Want To2:32
  • Silent George5:54
  • Dolemite [Explicit]2:58
  • Power of Your Love (A Capella) [Explicit]2:18
  • Dolemite Unreleased Alternate Take (A Capella) [Explicit]1:21
  • Time is On Our Side (Multi Track Mix) [Explicit]3:31
  • You Could Be Ugly Too4:27

From The Disco GodFather Movie

Welcome To Dolemite Records Label and Rudy Ray Moore!

About Dolemite Records

Is Owned By: Donald H.Randell