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Is Owned By: Donald H.Randell


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Dolemite Records

Produced and Directed BY:Donald H.Randell

From The Disco GodFather Movie

Donald Randell,Dolemite and Warren G

  • Shine and the Great Titanic5:59
  • Dolemite [Explicit]2:58
  • Petey Wheatstraw [Vocal Version]3:16
  • Dolemite Unreleased Alternate Take (A Capella) [Explicit]1:21
  • Not Too Long, Not Too Hard3:16
  • 02 - Eat Where You Want To2:32
  • Time is On Our Side (Multi Track Mix) [Explicit]3:31
  • You Could Be Ugly Too4:27
  • Pimpin' Sam5:52
  • 09 - Big Piece of Meat1:42
  • 06 - Sell It3:26
  • 3 Boyfriends1:21
  • Shoes Joke0:41
  • The Sensuous Black Man - Act 1 [Explicit]5:40
  • Silent George5:54
  • My Cabinet, Questions, Balance the Budget [-]6:28
  • 07 - Will The Real Dick Rise4:21
  • Press Conference [-]0:48
  • Rodney Perry Introduction1:23
  • The Sensuous Black Woman [Explicit]9:37
  • Snoop Dogg Tribute0:51
  • 6:48
  • Signifying Monkey8:14

The DVD Coming Soon on Dolemite Records

Produced and Directed BY:Donald H.Randdell

Dr.Dre,Donald Randell,Sarah, Dolemite and Warren G.

Donald Randell,Dolemite and Busta

Dolemite,Jimmy,Snoop and Donald Randell

Rudy Ray Moore Documentary Movie Is Coming Soon!

Check Out This Dolemite Moment, Rudy Ray Moore Stll Lives! With Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

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Dolemite,Donald Randell,Warren G and Snoop

Dolemite,Snoop Dogg and Donald Randell

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(818) 259-7549

Donald Randell,Bishop,Dolemite,Snoop,Jimmy Lynch